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Why you should buy your marijuana from a Medford Dispensary

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People everywhere, but particularly in the Medford Oregon area have many sources for purchasing marijuana. After all, why go to a Medford Dispensary when Bill or Luther is selling Thai sticks in the dorm for a few bucks each to finance his education.

In fact, Luther may even offer you some pot on credit if he knows you well enough and you have been a good customer in the past.

So why visit one of Medford pot dispensaries ? 

First of all, if you buy your marijuana from Luther, it is illegal, and both Luther and you can be prosecuted?

Come again?

Yes, Oregon’s laws have dispensed most of the penalties for possessing marijuana, but 

legally, friend or acquaintance can only give their marijuana to you, free of expectations of any kind that you will enumerate them. 

This means money, goods, and services (barter,) tips, admission fees, raffles, and sales are prohibited. Only a legal authorized Oregon dispensary can sell you marijuana within the State. 

Must be 21 

Another reason for the sale only by establishments like Medford Dispensaries is to discourage underage marijuana smokers. 

In legalizing the general easement of marijuana laws in the state, the legislature wisely set a legal age for smoking marijuana with few consequences, and that age is 21.

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Those who say 16, caught with marijuana can face a large fine, and suspension of their driver’s license for one year, and well as possibly being expelled from their school.

Dispensaries Medford Oregon help at least partially minimizes underage use of marijuana by strictly complying with State ID Laws. You must show a valid ID when going into a dispensary in Oregon. 

Dispensaries control the source of their marijuana  

One of the main advantages of buying your legal marijuana from a legal dispensary such as in Medford is that the dispensary knows where and under what circumstances the marijuana was grown within.

A really big problem with buying or even being supplied for free from a non-dispensary is that the source of the marijuana is unknown. 

Street marijuana may be full of pesticides, including rather nasty chemicals that a government such as Mexico may spray on the marijuana to kill it. 

The plain fact is that a great deal of marijuana on the street has lots of chemicals in them that are not good for people’s health. 

The THC is controlled  

There are limits to the amount of THC that can be in marijuana, including edibles and tinctures that are part of a medical dispensaries inventory.

This is a good thing because, beyond a certain level, THC levels can be dangerous mentally and physically. 

Dispensaries provide important education levels concerning marijuna 

If a person is 21 and decides they do want to experiment with smoking marijuana or taking edibles, an Oregon marijuana dispensary will have people who can ease them into smoking marijuana or taking edibles responsibly. 

Responsibility includes, for example, never driving while under the influence, nor using marijuana at work around dangerous machinery.

In addition, most dispensaries have pamphlets that caution about the danger signs of overindulging along with a list of medical problems and prescriptions that do not mix well with marijuana. 

Finding the right marijuna for the right purposes  

One of the real wonders of marijuana is that different strains have been bred to produce different results. Some strains will produce a mellowness that makes it easy to relax and perhaps even combat insomnia. 

Meanwhile, another strain may energize you and provide a level of intense focus. 

Marijuana dispensaries deal with hundreds of strains of marijuana, so that dispensary personnel can help you find the right marijuana for your purposes.

The wide variety of strains is really another advantage of going to a dispensary. Luther or Bill in your dorm may only have one variety of marijuana available, take it, or leave it. 

Special Delivery to those with a Medical Marijuana License 

A Medical dispensary can deliver just about any place in the state, but Oregon Laws allow local jurisdictions to go dry. However, if a person has a legal Medical Marijuana license, the delivery may be made to their home, even if it’s in a dry jurisdiction. 

The State gets revenue from dispensary marijuana  

Dispensaries pay taxes to the state in the amount of 17 percent, and in 2019, Oregon collected over $100 million in taxes from the legal sale of marijuana.

It’s a logical step 

Oregon’s dispensaries offer a logical step in the process of legalization. It’s much better to limit legal use than try to outlaw the use of a product that millions seem to enjoy responsibly.