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Pot Dispensaries

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Pot dispensaries or cannabis dispensaries are licenced stores that are legally allowed to sell marijuana and marijuana products like edibles or drinks. There are 28 legal pot dispensaries spread across the USA. Though the number of licenced pot dispensaries grows every day, that has not always been the cause. It is not until recently have people started embracing marijuana and all its health benefits. People can use marijuana for recreational or medical uses. Majority of the dispensaries operate because of medical uses while a small percentage permit recreational use like Medford dispensary located Oregon state. Before we continue on let us first look at how the industry of Medford pot dispensaries has developed over the years.

History of pot dispensaries

One of the first pot stores in the world was in Amsterdam and that was in the 1970s and it took America decades to adopt that culture. The Dutch store was masked as a coffee shop where people order coffee but also pot because it was illegal. Today Amsterdam has fully legalised the sell and use of marijuana and marijuana products. In the USA, the first fully legal cannabis store in the USA was opened in 1992 and located in San Francisco and then followed by Washington. Keep in mind that the first dispensaries were opened for medical use, recreational use of marijuana was still illegal up until the 20th century and still has many requirements for use examples including dispensaries Medford Oregon that got their licence in 2016. It has been a long fight for the USA to accept the use and sell of marijuana within its borders.

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Today, the number of legal dispensaries is in 28 locations in the USA but that is subject to change as more and more people begin to embrace pot. If you are in an area that does not legally sell pot you have to make your way to a licenced seller. It is required by law that you use the product while in that state. Carrying it or transporting it out of the state you bought it from can land you behind bars. although stores have been set out across America and people use marijuana, that does not mean you are free to smoke it anyway. There are some regulations to the use and purchase of the drug and they are divided into two, medical use and recreational use.

Medical marijuana or cannabis

Medical marijuana is a pot issued from a doctor or a medical practitioner because of a condition the patient has and that requires medicinal and health properties abundant in cannabis. To use medical marijuana, you are required to have a card or not from a certified doctor explaining your condition fully and also one that administers the required dosage. The age limit is 18 years but often changes if a younger person has a condition that needs marijuana.

The attendants of cannabis stores are called budtenders and they have knowledge about all cannabis products. Budtenders working in medical marijuana stores need expertise in the field because they are like chemists, they administer drugs to patients and the wrong prescription or the wrong product can have serious effects on the patient. A budtender has to calculate the THC and CBD contents of any product they administer and measure out every grain or powered perfectly. A budtender needs to be keen and skilled to offer the best services they can. Majority of the legal cannabis dispensaries in America are medical dispensaries like the Medford dispensaries, with 20 of the 28 stores being for medical purposes.

If you do not have a card or a doctor’s note, you cannot purchase marijuana from a medical seller, recreational marijuana is what you should look for.

Recreational marijuana

Recreational cannabis is sold for any other reason apart from medical purposes. If you need to relax or clear your mind, in need of a quick high, that is where you go. The uses are endless but still have some regulations. To purchase recreational marijuana, you need to be over 21 years of age. Just like medical marijuana there are budtenders in recreational stores. However, they are not as hands on as budtenders from medical marijuana stores. They still are able to answer questions but are not as skilled. A recreational cannabis dispensary is more like a supermarket. You get to pick what you want, pay for it and leave provided that you are over 21 years of age, there is no limit. You can ask questions to the budtenders if you need to but if you know what you want there is no need.

What is sold in cannabis stores?

There are a variety of products and the most popular one’s flowers and powders. Drinks that have cannabis properties have become increasingly popular. Other products are oils and exiles informed of cookies.