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Medford Oregon, Oregon’s Pot Capital

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With only around 83,000 citizens, Medford Oregon has an amazing number of legal pot dispensaries. 

Medford Dispensaries

There are 17 Medford pot dispensaries, the most in all of Oregon. And of 600 cities in the United States with a population of over 50,000, Medford ranked #2 in the nation, being surpassed only by Missoula Montana, population 74,000, who has 18 pot dispensaries. 

Eugene Oregon, population 171,000 including 24,000 students at the University of Oregon was fourth had 16 dispensaries, meanwhile, Portland, Oregon’s largest city with over 2 million population had just 14. 

Oregon had 6 out of the top 30 places, making it perhaps the highest pot-smoking nation in the country. 

The first Medford dispensary in Oregon actually opened in Gold Hill, Oregon, approximately 12 miles from Medford in 2014, known as Breese Botanicals.

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Breese Botanicals started as a licensed medical marijuana dispensary, but in 2014, Measure 91 was officially voted into Oregon’s laws, allowing essentially anyone 21 and older allowed to possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana legally or up to 4 marijuana plants. 

Measure 91 required the Oregon Liquor and Control Commission to regulate the operation of legal dispensaries within Oregon. So far, there are currently 660 dispensaries operating legally Oregon Liquor and Control Commission rules. 

To gauge the amount of legal interest in pot smoking in Oregon, consider that Oregon has 660 dispensaries for 4.2 million people. Meanwhile, neighboring California has 

878 legal dispensaries covering a population of around 39 million, roughly 10 times the size. 

To establish that marijuana is not a Pacific Coast thing, note that Washington State has only around 110 retail licensed dispensaries for a population almost twice the size of Oregon. 

So why so many dispensaries Medford Oregon?  

Undoubtedly, as legal dispensaries popped up in Medford, a great many entrepreneurs simply jumped on the bandwagon and thought, “What a great idea.”

And in many ways, the entry fee in the forms of licensing was not too expensive. The licensing fee to start a cannabis retail store in Oregon is roughly $4,750 dollars.

The biggest barrier is proving you have the financial net worth to sustain the business, but it’s entirely possible to consolidate financial net worth with one or several partners. Around $400,000 is recommended. 

How much profit can you expect from owning a legal pot dispensary? 

Profits are estimated at between $50,000 per year to upwards of $1 million. It all depends upon your business savvy. 

Clay Bearson, a Medford City Councilman and associated with one of the Medford legal pot retailers feels there are far too many dispensaries in Medford, and that in the long term, he feels there will be a shake-up of the local dispensaries in Medford.

He bases his opinion partly on the tax structure. Since selling marijuana, state-licensed facility or not is not recognized as a legal business by the Federal Government, that means that normal tax write-offs such as business insurance, depreciation, loan interest, rent expenses, employee benefits, etc. are not allowed by the IRS to pot dispensaries.

As Bearson says, “Dispensaries are an unsustainable model, and the vast majority of those getting into the industry don’t realize the tremendous tax burden that comes with the retail pot industry. “

Besides the inability to write off business expenses, perhaps the biggest burden for Medford dispensaries and those in the state is the 17 percent retail tax rate they have to pay to the state on each retail marijuana sale. 

While medical marijuana buyers don’t have to pay the tax, retailers are required to collect the tax at the time of the sale. 

While the price at a legal dispensary for an ounce of marijuana may be comparable whether someone buys marijuana off the street, or from a legal dispensary when you add the 17 percent tax, that adds up to be an extra $25 or so for a 1-ounce purchase, which dispensaries say actually discourages people from visiting their establishment. 

Where will the future lead for Medford pot retailers ? 

Judging from the evidence, it does seem likely that Medford’s pot dispensary business will shrink. perhaps by half. With the weaker ones falling by the wayside. 

The only reason for optimism is the possibility that a second legal marijuana initiative will develop in the future lowering the legal age down to 18 from the current 21. 

This would perhaps be the shot in the arm the crowded pot dispensary business needs to make more shops sustainable. And naturally, if the Federal Government decides to legalize marijuana use, then the available business deductions any business can take would also become available to Medford pot retailers as well.…

Why you should buy your marijuana from a Medford Dispensary

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People everywhere, but particularly in the Medford Oregon area have many sources for purchasing marijuana. After all, why go to a Medford Dispensary when Bill or Luther is selling Thai sticks in the dorm for a few bucks each to finance his education.

In fact, Luther may even offer you some pot on credit if he knows you well enough and you have been a good customer in the past.

So why visit one of Medford pot dispensaries ? 

First of all, if you buy your marijuana from Luther, it is illegal, and both Luther and you can be prosecuted?

Come again?

Yes, Oregon’s laws have dispensed most of the penalties for possessing marijuana, but 

legally, friend or acquaintance can only give their marijuana to you, free of expectations of any kind that you will enumerate them. 

This means money, goods, and services (barter,) tips, admission fees, raffles, and sales are prohibited. Only a legal authorized Oregon dispensary can sell you marijuana within the State. 

Must be 21 

Another reason for the sale only by establishments like Medford Dispensaries is to discourage underage marijuana smokers. 

In legalizing the general easement of marijuana laws in the state, the legislature wisely set a legal age for smoking marijuana with few consequences, and that age is 21.

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Those who say 16, caught with marijuana can face a large fine, and suspension of their driver’s license for one year, and well as possibly being expelled from their school.

Dispensaries Medford Oregon help at least partially minimizes underage use of marijuana by strictly complying with State ID Laws. You must show a valid ID when going into a dispensary in Oregon. 

Dispensaries control the source of their marijuana  

One of the main advantages of buying your legal marijuana from a legal dispensary such as in Medford is that the dispensary knows where and under what circumstances the marijuana was grown within.

A really big problem with buying or even being supplied for free from a non-dispensary is that the source of the marijuana is unknown. 

Street marijuana may be full of pesticides, including rather nasty chemicals that a government such as Mexico may spray on the marijuana to kill it. 

The plain fact is that a great deal of marijuana on the street has lots of chemicals in them that are not good for people’s health. 

The THC is controlled  

There are limits to the amount of THC that can be in marijuana, including edibles and tinctures that are part of a medical dispensaries inventory.

This is a good thing because, beyond a certain level, THC levels can be dangerous mentally and physically. 

Dispensaries provide important education levels concerning marijuna 

If a person is 21 and decides they do want to experiment with smoking marijuana or taking edibles, an Oregon marijuana dispensary will have people who can ease them into smoking marijuana or taking edibles responsibly. 

Responsibility includes, for example, never driving while under the influence, nor using marijuana at work around dangerous machinery.

In addition, most dispensaries have pamphlets that caution about the danger signs of overindulging along with a list of medical problems and prescriptions that do not mix well with marijuana. 

Finding the right marijuna for the right purposes  

One of the real wonders of marijuana is that different strains have been bred to produce different results. Some strains will produce a mellowness that makes it easy to relax and perhaps even combat insomnia. 

Meanwhile, another strain may energize you and provide a level of intense focus. 

Marijuana dispensaries deal with hundreds of strains of marijuana, so that dispensary personnel can help you find the right marijuana for your purposes.

The wide variety of strains is really another advantage of going to a dispensary. Luther or Bill in your dorm may only have one variety of marijuana available, take it, or leave it. 

Special Delivery to those with a Medical Marijuana License 

A Medical dispensary can deliver just about any place in the state, but Oregon Laws allow local jurisdictions to go dry. However, if a person has a legal Medical Marijuana license, the delivery may be made to their home, even if it’s in a dry jurisdiction. 

The State gets revenue from dispensary marijuana  

Dispensaries pay taxes to the state in the amount of 17 percent, and in 2019, Oregon collected over $100 million in taxes from the legal sale of marijuana.

It’s a logical step 

Oregon’s dispensaries offer a logical step in the process of legalization. It’s much better to limit legal use than try to outlaw the use of a product that millions seem to enjoy responsibly.…

The Creation Of Marijuana Dispensaries

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Marijuana has come a long way from the days of being demonized. There was a time when marijuana was largely viewed as a class A drug and its use and possession punishable with jail time. It was promoted as a herb that if used could result in the user going on murderous sprees. Or mad hallucinations, etc. Much of that outdated thinking is quickly being replaced with positive descriptions of its use and benefits. For example, some studies have shown that marijuana can lessen the effects of epilepsy and other neurological diseases and disorders.

It’s also used as a powerful pain management solution. Many people have touted it’s amazing ability to alleviate pain. Some unofficial studies have also shown its ability to kill cancer cells in-vitro. Astounding information has been surfacing about marijuana’s amazing health benefits even without being officially studied regarding its medical efficacy in certain areas.

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The many positives are changing the way marijuana is viewed and treated. Many states have now legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This has also lead to the opening of many medical marijuana dispensaries. San Francisco was one of the first cities to open medical marijuana dispensaries as early as 1992. That was considered pioneering when you consider marijuana was illegal at the time. And because of that, it was plagued with many legal issues that were a problem for many dispensaries that came after.

Because marijuana, although legal on the state level, it’s not legal on a federal level. Initially, at the outset, this was really problematic for many dispensaries because of marijuana’s federal legal status. Many dispensaries were raided by federal agents and shut down. But even this has now changed because of the federal government’s lax view of marijuana usage and possession.

Largely because of changing public perception about its use and possession on the state level. There are efforts now underway to legalize it on the federal level. Several dispensaries have opened throughout the country. Medical dispensaries like Medford Dispensary located in Oregon are some of the highest quality and well-managed dispensaries in the country. Many Medford Pot Dispensaries are the gold standard and have been the model for other cities.

How Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Evolved

Gone are the days of the backroom seedy shops that functioned in an unorganized and inefficient fashion because of paranoia. Today’s shops are clean and well organized and operate efficiently without fear of being shut down at a moment’s notice. Because marijuana has been legalized in many states and public perception throughout the nation is rapidly changing.

This has resulted in many shops and dispensaries opening without fear and in addition, has led to the cultivation and production of a cleaner, better, and more potent product. The varying and different strains available have also dramatically changed.

The hybridization of several marijuana types has produced potent marijuana of varying strains.  Medford Dispensaries are an example of how many dispensaries have evolved into productive, clean, and efficient operations.

A Better, Cleaner, And More Potent Cannabis Product

Today’s dispensary produced marijuana is a far cry from the dime bag quality that was once purchased on city street corners. Only the highest standards are applied from production to cultivation which has resulted in a cleaner more potent form of marijuana.

With TCH levels that are in many cases triple the amount found in earlier strains and brands. The hybridization and cultivation have been the key to producing a vastly more potent and superior brand of marijuana. Hybridized versions of marijuana are merely different strains that have been paired together that result in higher THC levels and different more intense experiences for the user.

And not to mention the many growing techniques that are used by many cultivators with attention to nutrients and sunlight, etc, which maximizes yields and potency. These methods of cultivation have produced a far superior product from earlier strains that keep customers flocking to dispensaries for varying reasons and benefits.

Because the public demand for marijuana has grown exponentially, the need to supply that demand has also grown, so this is resulting in the opening of dispensaries throughout the nation. Whether it’s simply for personal use or medical reasons dispensaries are becoming very popular.

This is also resulting in increase revenue for states that have legalized usage with marijuana sales in the billions of dollars annually. If you’re looking for a good high-quality medical-grade marijuana dispensary doing a simple internet search for dispensaries medford oregon should direct you to some of the best dispensaries in the country.…

Pot Dispensaries

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Pot dispensaries or cannabis dispensaries are licenced stores that are legally allowed to sell marijuana and marijuana products like edibles or drinks. There are 28 legal pot dispensaries spread across the USA. Though the number of licenced pot dispensaries grows every day, that has not always been the cause. It is not until recently have people started embracing marijuana and all its health benefits. People can use marijuana for recreational or medical uses. Majority of the dispensaries operate because of medical uses while a small percentage permit recreational use like Medford dispensary located Oregon state. Before we continue on let us first look at how the industry of Medford pot dispensaries has developed over the years.

History of pot dispensaries

One of the first pot stores in the world was in Amsterdam and that was in the 1970s and it took America decades to adopt that culture. The Dutch store was masked as a coffee shop where people order coffee but also pot because it was illegal. Today Amsterdam has fully legalised the sell and use of marijuana and marijuana products. In the USA, the first fully legal cannabis store in the USA was opened in 1992 and located in San Francisco and then followed by Washington. Keep in mind that the first dispensaries were opened for medical use, recreational use of marijuana was still illegal up until the 20th century and still has many requirements for use examples including dispensaries Medford Oregon that got their licence in 2016. It has been a long fight for the USA to accept the use and sell of marijuana within its borders.

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Today, the number of legal dispensaries is in 28 locations in the USA but that is subject to change as more and more people begin to embrace pot. If you are in an area that does not legally sell pot you have to make your way to a licenced seller. It is required by law that you use the product while in that state. Carrying it or transporting it out of the state you bought it from can land you behind bars. although stores have been set out across America and people use marijuana, that does not mean you are free to smoke it anyway. There are some regulations to the use and purchase of the drug and they are divided into two, medical use and recreational use.

Medical marijuana or cannabis

Medical marijuana is a pot issued from a doctor or a medical practitioner because of a condition the patient has and that requires medicinal and health properties abundant in cannabis. To use medical marijuana, you are required to have a card or not from a certified doctor explaining your condition fully and also one that administers the required dosage. The age limit is 18 years but often changes if a younger person has a condition that needs marijuana.

The attendants of cannabis stores are called budtenders and they have knowledge about all cannabis products. Budtenders working in medical marijuana stores need expertise in the field because they are like chemists, they administer drugs to patients and the wrong prescription or the wrong product can have serious effects on the patient. A budtender has to calculate the THC and CBD contents of any product they administer and measure out every grain or powered perfectly. A budtender needs to be keen and skilled to offer the best services they can. Majority of the legal cannabis dispensaries in America are medical dispensaries like the Medford dispensaries, with 20 of the 28 stores being for medical purposes.

If you do not have a card or a doctor’s note, you cannot purchase marijuana from a medical seller, recreational marijuana is what you should look for.

Recreational marijuana

Recreational cannabis is sold for any other reason apart from medical purposes. If you need to relax or clear your mind, in need of a quick high, that is where you go. The uses are endless but still have some regulations. To purchase recreational marijuana, you need to be over 21 years of age. Just like medical marijuana there are budtenders in recreational stores. However, they are not as hands on as budtenders from medical marijuana stores. They still are able to answer questions but are not as skilled. A recreational cannabis dispensary is more like a supermarket. You get to pick what you want, pay for it and leave provided that you are over 21 years of age, there is no limit. You can ask questions to the budtenders if you need to but if you know what you want there is no need.

What is sold in cannabis stores?

There are a variety of products and the most popular one’s flowers and powders. Drinks that have cannabis properties have become increasingly popular. Other products are oils and exiles informed of cookies.…

The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Roof is probably the most important structure in your business. While it does not bring any direct revenue, it makes your business more profitable in the long run. Whether you run a car shop, restaurant or entertainment center, a good looking, stylish roof will attract more clients. Moreover, if your roof is faulty, it will damage the building slowly and mold may take place while walls weaken. Nobody wan’t to have a dinner with their loved ones in a humid place that feels like a basement or rat hole.…